How to Grow Taller Fast

How can I grow taller fast??  This is a question that I am asked a lot.  In order to answer the question, I have to determine what fast means to you.  Do you mean one week, one month, one year?  There is no magic pill and like anything you want in life, it is going to take some work.  But there are programs that will have you taller in 4 to 6 weeks if you follow the program.  No matter what your age, sex, race you too can be taller.  To understand how this is possible we need to learn the factors involved.How to Grow Taller Fast

Height is determined by different factors including genetics and environment. While some factors cannot be changed, there are some areas you can focus on in order to grow taller quickly. Unfortunately, achieving your ideal height is a long-term process that could take months before effects are noticeable. And in this fast-paced lifestyle society lives in, time is a luxury not everyone can afford. Below are techniques you can try to grow taller in a fast and safe manner. 

Understand Your Situation

Keep in mind that most of your height will be influenced by genetics. This means your parents’ or grandparents’ height will affect yours. Although, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your height is directly linked to theirs in that you’ll be short when they are or you’ll be a giant when they are. It does affect your odds, however. If both sides of the family are short, you are likely going to end up short as well.

Avoid Growth-Stopping Factors

Though some people call it myths, some factors like smoking and secondhand smoking, drinking alcohol, taking steroids, and weightlifting at a very young age can negatively affect your height. Drinking beverages with caffeine is another example of a growth-stopping factor, yet researches show that caffeine does not stop growth. However, it does affect the drinker’s sleep pattern. Deprivation of 8-10 hours of sleep can definitely impact height.

Get Adequate Rest

As mentioned earlier, rest affects growth. Children, teenagers, and young adults should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep per day to continue growing healthily. This is mainly because of the fact that the body develops and repairs tissue while the body is asleep. Cognitive functions are also repaired during sleep. This not only makes sleep a key factor for growing taller fast, but also for a sound body and mind. During sleep, human growth hormone is created naturally inside the body, a hormone that aids in growth. Getting adequate rest will stimulate production of the hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland.

Make sure your body is well supplied with the nutrition it needs, will help you grow to your fullest potential. There is no better sign of this fact than looking at the country of North Korea.  The people in that country are very malnourished and are a one to two feet shorter than their South Korean neighbors.  If possible, consume vitamins and supplements created for your specific age group during morning meal. Also, try to add specific foods into your diet, such as:healthy-foods

• Green vegetables and dairy products for calcium
• Fish, mushrooms, and fish oil supplements for vitamin D
• Eggs, tofu, nuts, and meat for protein
• Oysters, peas, and chocolate for zinc

Modify your daily meals and eat small frequent meals throughout the day to make sure your body is powered up sufficiently. Strictly comply to your dietary plan until it becomes your permanent routine. Note that a fast and healthy metabolism produces more HGH.

Posture Up

By standing straight with your shoulders retracted and your neck aligned to your spine, you can instantly gain a few centimeters. Posture is also important when it comes to height. Not only does it increase height fast, it also keeps your spine healthy and undamaged from poor and unsafe postures.

216 Responses to “How to Grow Taller Fast”

  1. jeff M says:

    I do not totally agree with your height being hereditary. I have a father who is 6 foot 4 and a mother who is 5 foot 10 and I am only 5 foot 7. So there is more to it than just genetics.

    thanks for the article

    • Don’t worry. I have a friend whose mom is 6’1 and dad is 6’7. He is 16 and is 6’2. Then he grew to about 6’9 or 6’10. I’m trying to convince him to play football because he ways about 450 and is all muscle.

  2. cijay says:


    • kamlesh yadav says:

      My height is not well.My height is approximately 5.4 inch.I am do warried .Please help me soon.

      • Randy Heick says:

        Purchase the grow taller 4 idiots program, it will help you find those extra inches. It is the most proven height increasing product on the internet.

        • gabrielle valeria says:

          hello,i’m gabrielle valeria and i’m 17 years old now.i’m an athlete(sprinter) since 9.My father is 1.78m and mother is 1.65m.My siblings are all over 1.6m (i’m the eldest) but i’m only 5 feet tall.may i know how to grow all?i’m really desperate in getting taller which my friends always tease me on my height.people told me girls cannot grow tall after age of that true?

        • -0 says:

          im 17 at 6’1 will i grow any taller?

        • BASC says:

          Randy, did this program really worked for you? How many inches were you able to gain?

  3. poojitha desai says:

    hi randt ypoojitha(female)from india since 6 years am not at all growing tall well my mom is 4″8 and my dad is 5″6 and am around 4″9 and am 19 years old sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much worried about my height amd gradually i get cry when people comments on me and can i grow 6 inches tall and please reply me soon. i liked your program and they are providing any cocktail????

    • Randy says:

      Try the program, it should help you gain 1 to 2 inches. I am not sure that you will reach 6 inches. That would be tough for anyone to gain.

      • Steve says:

        im 15 years old (male) i want to grow taller im 5’6 and i want to grow as soon as possible because i want to dunk on basketball. and can i ask last question? what height do i need to dunk?

        • Randy Heick says:

          This question is tough, because there are so many factors to take in. The gtfi program will help you get those 2-3 extra inches.

    • shady says:

      how can i grow 6 inches i am 16 years old only 5’5

  4. Julia says:

    Many thanks for the article. I’m reading because my son who is 10 years old is the shortest child in class. He is concern and I know he is not happy. Hope some of these tips can help him to grow a little taller.

  5. Aaron says:

    Hey Randy, im 13 years old and im 5’3, I want to be a college football player but im not that tall, I play football (Offensive Line) I want to play professionally or college but I need to be taller, my mom is 5’3 and my dad is 5’8, What can I do to grow?

    • Randy says:

      I would just eat right, get plenty of exercise and stretch often. If you lift weights, make sure to take protein right after to help your body heal and strengthen your muscles. Your growth spurt should happen in the next two years, so don’t panic yet.


      • josh says:

        Hey, Randy quick question does the growtallerforidiot really work?????????

        • Randy Heick says:

          Yes, it will work. There are so many aspects to this program, it is 160 pages long and gives you a daily step by step way to increase your height. It includes diet, nutrition, sleep, exercise, stretching, training tips and a lot more. Try it here!

  6. Bassant says:

    Doctor I am 13 and I’m 152(female) I need to get taller , can you help me please ?? I need your help and my classmates are all so tall (165 to 170 ) and my mum is 162 and my dad 170 plzzzzzz help me :(. Many thanks :D

  7. hamna ibad says:

    i am hamna i am 12 years old i want to increase my hieght my height is 4 -7 inch my all family members are tall but my mother is short. please tell me any food that can increase my height .but tell that food that not make fat .tell any excersice , food pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Hello sir
    i am of 17 and my height is 5.6 i want to ask you that till what age the person height grows and what to do to increase my height

  9. Omid says:

    hey randy
    i am 16 years old male and i am 164 cm how can i get taller fast and easy…..?
    plz help me….

  10. Salehin says:

    hey doc, I’m 19 years old,a 5’4″ male. I wanna grow taller as much as that I feel -not having a good height has been a drawback for my personal life.the fact that i’m short ,it hurts me a lot….how do I get taller man?please ,pleasr,please let me know ..

  11. christopher vallo says:

    im 13 5-10 and I want to be really tall in the future so how do u think I could get to about 6-5 by the time im 18?

  12. John waiters says:

    I am 5’4 and 15 I want to play bball but too short.
    I am as tall as my mom and my dad is 5’9. What can
    I do to get taller? Also could you tell me if foot size can
    Predict height because I have bigger feet than my dad.

    • Randy Heick says:


      Hey I understand where you are coming from. I was 5′ 6″ in jr high and 5′ 9″ in high school. I wanted to be taller too. I wear a size 14 shoe. I started on a program just two years ago and I 6′ 1″ now. The program is Click Here! Give it a try, you will be happy you did.

  13. Duke says:

    I am 15and a half , 5feet9in .I stoped growing up since period of 12-13 , back then i grew up around 7-8in for a year.Then i stopped growing up .I just wanna know if i stopped growing up because since then i didnt grew up more then 2in i think.I do exercises and eat healty , can you tell me what the problen is and will a grow up more?i am a male.

  14. Maggie says:

    Is it possible for me to grow 5 inches because I want to be a model but they said I need to be atleast 5’7 but I’m 14 years old and 5’2 any way.. At all?? I’m kinda desperate right now

    • Randy Heick says:

      The optimum growing years for young women are between the ages of 12 and 14. Most women do have a sign when their growth spurt is over. When you start to menstruate, you should see about a growth of one to two more inches and then your growth will slow or stop. This program will help you reach your goals, I highly recommend it.

  15. hassan says:

    hello sir
    i am hassan jamal, i am 22 yrs old and my height is 5’5.
    is it possible for me to grow taller?

  16. Jasper says:

    I’m a boy close to 12 153.3
    Is dat ok?

  17. siz says:

    hi, I am 16 years old male… I am currently 5’8″ tall.. I want to be tall upto 6′ or more.. my father is 5’7″ and mom is 5’2″.. I really need to increase my height cause I play basketball. please give me some advice to gain height quick..

    • Randy Heick says:

      Read the info on my site and buy grow taller 4 idiots. it will help you gain those inches you need.


  19. hani says:

    hello sir,

    I m student of 9th all the students are taller than me but I want a good height what should I do. my age 13 years old. and my current height is on measuring tape is 59
    is this correct height or less.
    and also please tell few methods I can use to become taller.
    thank you
    your sincerely

  20. mariah says:

    hey is it possible for a person to get shorter quick or is it more possible to grow taller if there is how can it be done?!

    • Randy Heick says:

      Not sure how or why you would want to get shorter, but I have no idea how to do it.

  21. Terekia says:

    hey im twelve turning thirteen and im 140 cm is that normal

    • Randy Heick says:

      You have probably not hit your growth spurt yet. The next two years should be your peek growing years.

  22. Edison says:

    HI Randy.

    my name is Edison. i am 17 years old.but my height is 5.3 i want grow my height. please tell me some tips to grow my height.

    • Randy Heick says:

      I would follow the tips I have given you on this site and consider getting the grow taller 4 idiots program. That will give you your best chance to grow taller.

  23. blazer says:

    Hi i am blazer im 12 and i am 4.7 or .8 it sucks how can i grow taller? Thanks.

    • Randy Heick says:

      You should see a big growth spurt in the next two years. Things that will help the most is stretching every day and eating different proteins daily. Try to stay active.

  24. vivi says:

    In 14. And 5ft how can i grow faster

  25. Raine says:

    Hi! I’m a girl, 20 years old and 5’0″ in height. I’ve been taking up a growing taller supplement. I guess it’s almost a year now but not continuous. I mean not every night i’m drinking it. And also i”m drinking fresh milk (sometimes the original one, sometimes low fat and sometimes nonfat) and like the supplement im not usually drinking it. Im also doing the stretching activity just 5 minutes every night. I’ve noticed nothing has changed in my height. My friends starts growing without doing anything but im not while doing everything. Can you please help me? Im really tired other’s criticism about my height. I want to grow even just 2 to 3 inches. Thanks a lot and God bless! :)

    • Randy Heick says:

      Grow taller 4 idiots is a program that is designed to help you get those 2-3 inches. It is laid out in an easy to follow program that has helped thousands of people like yourself. Check out my review of it here

  26. Aliya says:

    Hey I want to know that this Grow Taller 4 Idiots program is safe for 13 year old female. Are there instructions to grow in it or there is something to comsume also? And is it available in India also?

    • Randy Heick says:

      The program is downloadable right away. It is safe for all ages, and it does have a diet program. There is a drink that you need to consume also.

  27. alluni says:

    i m a girl i m 14 years old and my height is 145 cm is it ok

  28. Abhishek says:

    Heyy randy,
    I am a guy and Im 14 Im just 5 foot 4 inches can you tell me how should i atleast get to 6 feet until Im 18

    • Randy Heick says:

      You need to eat right, get plenty of rest, as this is when the body does most of its growing. Stretch and exercise everyday. The grow taller 4 idiots program shows you all of these steps and makes the process easy. That is why I am promoting it. It worked for me and I still follow the eating program that came with it to this day.

  29. sara hajj says:

    hey doctor well i want to say that my father and my mother are tall but i am short and i dont know why i tried too much to take medicins to become at least taller 1 inch but nothing happened i am only 156 and i am 14 years and my docyor said that i have only 5 cm to grow what can i do ?can u help me please ? i need ur help !

    • Randy Heick says:

      I give many tips on this site that you can use. I would invest in grow taller 4 idiots. They have a great step by step plan to help you gain 2 to 3 inches. Diet is very important, as you need to give your body important nutrients and vitamins to help you grow those extra inches.

  30. Huey says:

    I am 14 years of age about 5’4 to 5’5 my mom is 5 flat my dad is 5’7 can I still reach 6 feet or maybe just 5’9 or 5’10?

    • Randy Heick says:

      Each person is different, but yes with this program you should see at least a 2 to 3 inch gain. You are at the right age to see even more growth if you get on and follow the program. Good Luck.

  31. Marco says:

    Hi.I want to ask you,I am 18 years old and i am 178cm, but some guys told me that male grows till 22 years,so if i start weight lifting should it stop my growth( for example i would like to be 180-183 or something)

    • Randy Heick says:

      Hey Marco,

      Weight lifting for bulk can sometimes limit your growth potential. Lifting for strength or tone is the better way to go, as this will strengthen your joints and assist with your height. All I can say is stay active, eat the right foods and get plenty of rest. Check out my review on growing taller 4 idiots as it shows you the things that you need to really get taller and bigger.

  32. Philip says:

    Hi Randy im 11 years old and im the shortest guy in my class, everyone says my nicknames “midget” do you know how I should get taller

    P.S. IM 144CM TALL

    • Randy Heick says:


      Sorry to hear about your height issues. I have been their myself, that is why I put up this site. I am hoping to help others avoid all the name calling by gaining those few inches. You have not yet reached your growth spurt, so I would not be alarmed. The kids that tend to be taller early are usually some of the shortest when high school roles around. I know that doesn’t help you now, but just hang in there.

  33. Katie Jones says:

    HI Randy!
    My name is katie and i am 14. I am 5’4 and I want to get taller. My mom is 5’0 and my dad is 5’6. But my grandfather is 6’1. Is it possible that i can still get taller? if so, how?

  34. John says:

    Hey Randy, I’m not as short as the people here- 5’7”, 14 years old. But I play basketball and u know that as taller I get the less competition there is. I used to be short compared to my friends but in the last 2 years I grow about 12 cm a year(idk how much in inches), How can I maximize this growth.

    I’m sleeping 10-12 hours a day, excerising(I play basketball) like 4 hours a day, I eat pretty good. I do have knee problems that I’m afraid will stunt my growth. I wanna be like 6’1”- 6’4”, of course the more the better but I’m going to be about 6’1”/6 ft guard and I hope I can to more.
    My dad is 6’3” but my mom is short(I’m like 10-15 cm above her- 2inches).


  35. Iqmal says:

    hello . Im iqmal from malaysia and im 17 years old. My height is 164cm. I want to ask u….. is that normal for me? However i will do these to get a lkttle taller than my friends…… hope to hear ur answer

  36. Mithel says:

    Hi, I am worried about my height. I ‘ve been exercised since 2 months, But I found no result !!
    Now, plz tell me the way how can I gain taller fast.

  37. imran khan says:

    hiii…. i am 18 years old my height is 5.4 and i am very serious about height …..i want some more height ….plz help me ….i can do anything for this….

  38. Irian says:

    Hey Randi,

    Irians Here, I am right now 5 ft 6.5in. tall (aged 19) while my sister is 5’6.3/4 (close to 5’7) and my younger brother is 5ft and he is just 11 years old. My father is 5’10 and my mother 5’1 but I haven’t grown enough. I remember that when I hit 16, I was 5’6 and now after three years I have only grown half a inch. As a child I was a bit lazy, didn’t like to sleep and my food eating habits weren’t good like I avoided eating egg/fish, or drinking milk. My parents tried to change my eating habits and put me in to sports but I was too defiant at the time but now I want to grow and improve every thing. Is there a chance that I can grow tall by natural means I mean exercises or diet. DO these plans work because I have asked a couple of people, who say that these are useless and you do not grow after 18. Is it true? Looking forward to your response. Thanks for the article.

  39. tejasree says:

    hi..this is Tejasree … and I am 15 yrs old… I m just 5′ 2 and a half and i want to grow taller …my mom is 5’2 and my dad is 5’9 .. how can i gain my height ??? please help me…. I at least want to grow 2- 3 inches more!!!!

  40. me... says:

    hey randy,

    i am 14 yrs and i am only 151 cm and weigh 35 kg. I sleep about 8 hrs per night and I dont eat too well, i dont know why, I always seem to not finish my dinner plate.

    What do you think I should do? I always try to sleep more but I just cant go to sleep. Also I try to eat more but I never feel like it, All my friends are taller and heavier and have deeper voice than me.

    What can I do?

    Please reply ASAP.

    • Randy Heick says:

      It sounds to me like you just need to calm down and take a breath. You are only 14, you still have plenty of time to grow. Focus on eating protein, as this builds muscle and is the building blocks of the body. Read
      this for more info

  41. Karan says:

    im 24 years old and im only 5’ quite worried
    trying my best to gain taller till like 6ft
    is it possible?pls help
    wat should i do to grow taller

  42. zareen islam says:

    hey randy i am 23 years old n my height is 4.9 inch wat cn i do pls help me i need ur help

  43. shivam says:

    i am 12 and 162 cm is dat okay?how can I buy grow taller 4 idoits if I live in india?

  44. sina__ says:


  45. sandeep says:

    sir i am in confusion about grow taller 4idiot height incresaer and grow taller dynamic

    • Randy Heick says:

      What is your question, I will soon be adding a review of grow taller dynamics. It is good program by a doctor and health expert. I have both programs, and they both have helped me increase my height.

  46. punit says:

    hi i am punit and i am 20 year old and my heigh is 5.7 and i want to gain my height so can u please suggest me what o do …

  47. James says:

    hi doc,..
    im male, 21 and 5″4…. is it possible for me to gain another extra 4 inches?

  48. Yvette Metrillo says:

    Hi, my name is Yvette I’m 4 foot 9 and I’m currently 18 years old. My parents are tall and my sisters are growing taller than me considering I’m the eldest. How can I spurt my growth? Help please.

  49. henry says:

    Plz randy I live in nigeria and I hav no means of purchasing GROW TALLER BOOKS..av seen the exercises bt I want to knw abt the cocktail..CAN U HELP ♍Ε????

  50. Ana says:

    I am 14 im 4’9 my mom is 5’2 and my dad 5’4 how can i get taller, i play soccer, and exercise alot, but i don’t see any results :c

  51. josh says:

    Hey, Randy quick question does the growtallerforidiot really work?????????

  52. Malcom says:

    I am a Malaysian boy who lives for 13years and 7months.My current height is 158cm and weight 49kg.My mother and father height is 160cm.How can I know my maxiumum height when I am older.

    • Randy Heick says:

      There is no exact way to determine how tall you will be. You can only look at family factors. You can help you chances by following the grow taller 4 idiots program.

  53. yovan says:

    hi , im 15 and im 147 .. i feel like a shit , can you help me?

  54. VIJAY SINGH says:

    iam 16 and half years old and my height is 5feet 6 inches can i grow to 6feet ??????

    • Randy Heick says:

      If you follow the grow taller 4 idiots program, you should have a great chance at reaching your goal. Read over this site and make your own decision.

  55. phani says:

    hey randy iam 15-16 years old now my height is nearly 5”6′ can i grow to 6 feet tall my teacher said that boys can grow until 21 years is that possible

  56. john says:

    hi, i turned 16 in may and my height is somewere between 178 -181 cm. both of my parents are small 171 cm and 160 cm, but i got tall uncles in the family. my sister is 173cm, i havent grown a lot in 2 years maybe 3 cm. i wanna be at least 185 cm, which exercise and dieet can is use to achieve my height and to grow 2-3 inches, and how long would it take?

    i am looking forward to your reply.

    • Randy Heick says:

      All the information you are looking for is the program Growing Taller 4 Idiots. It will lay out the program in an easy to follow, daily routine that will get you those extra inches.

  57. ajitesh says:

    Hey randy… I m ajitesh… I’ll be 18 yrs in nxt month….. My father is 5’8 and mom is 5’3 and my height is 5’9… So I want 6’1so wat to do…. My height didn’t grow since last 1.5 years…. ?????? Help me

  58. Ahwan says:

    hey, so i am around 5’7 or 5’8.
    What kind of food do i need to grow taller and what kind of exercise’s do i need to do?
    help me :)

  59. may says:

    I’m female 5.2 and 14 yrs old. I live a really healthy lifestyle and I haven’t grown in 2 years is there still hope for me. My parents believe that height is all based on genetics and won’t let me try any grow taller things not even the ones with no drugs like the grow taller for idiots. Can you tell me some natural ways to get taller thanks

  60. Ajitesh says:

    hello brother Randy…… m 17 yrs and next month i’ll be 18…. My father’s height is 5’8 and mom’s is 5’3 and mine is 5’9…. so i want 3 inches more…. so tell me wat to do …. and how can i increase in few months????

  61. kod says:

    hi im 4 ft 10 and im 13 and also a boy and a vegetarian how do i grow taller because i hate being small i-i

  62. sandeep says:

    sir which prog. i should buy dynamic or 4idiot

  63. super says:

    my height is 4’9 and am of 14 .
    what i should do?????????????????

  64. Guru says:

    What is that program, it is a book supplement.
    I am 17 now and 168cm i want to grow up. What can i do? Where i want to buy that program. It really works?

  65. Richa says:

    HI, I am 24 female and my height is 4.11″. Can i still grow???

  66. Aniket singh says:

    Hi sir i am aniket,15 years old ,my height is jst 5’4 i want to increase my height just in one months sir how i increase my height? can u give me some exrcises for this?

      • molly says:

        hi im in a huge problem. im 23 and my height is 5 i want to increase my height.i consulted a doctor,he advised me to do some stretching exercises. guide me some exerices regarding my age i wait for an early reply

        • Randy Heick says:

          Stay off of sugar and carbs. Stretch often, eat good foods that will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need daily. Get lots of sleep as this is when your body does most of growing. Exercise everyday and stay active as possible, as this will help your body create more hgh.

  67. mohammad says:

    hi Randy I’m 16 years old and I’m168 cm.
    I want be taller than this.
    can I be tall with basketball?
    and I can’t buy Grow Taller 4 Idiots, because I’m from Iran and I can’t ordring it. please help me and tell that what should I do to be taller than this.
    thanks a lot

    • Randy Heick says:

      Stay off of sugar and carbs. Stretch often, eat good foods that will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need daily. Get lots of sleep as this is when your body does most of growing. Exercise everyday and stay active as possible, as this will help your body create more hgh.

  68. itsjustme says:

    is the grow taller dynamics and grow taller 4 idiots the same?

  69. John says:

    Yup. I’ve tried all this myself and they work.
    Especially the last para about posture.

    Good work Randy :)

  70. abdullah says:

    hi i am a 16 year old guy and i am 5 ft 1 which is very short and i want to gain at least 6 inches taller my parent are mum 5 ft 3 and my dad 5 ft 4 1/2 is there hope for me to grow please reply and grow taller for idiots program cost to much for me i cant afford that

  71. Robert says:

    I am 20years old 5.6 tall but will still Love to get taller how do I make it. I need your help thanks.

  72. harry says:

    hi i am 16 years old i am 5’4. when i was 14 years old i had an injury in my elbow and my wrist they did a surgery in my elbow but there is no screw or anything fixed in my elbow but i dont think that i had grown after that injury please tell me whether i would grow or not and please help me to grow taller atleast till 5’7 but now i had reached my father’s height he is also 5’4

  73. Mayer says:

    I like it thank you so much I will try my best to grow taller now

  74. uzair shah says:

    hi,i’m of 20 having height 5′ 5 1/2″ nd want to grow up to 5’8″
    is it possible? if yes then how?
    plz tell

  75. Mahedi says:

    hi, I hope you are well. I badly needed your help.
    Now, I’m 21 years old, 39 Kg & 4.11″ feet tall (small!!!).
    Is it possible by using Elevator shoes or taking Any Medicine??
    Please help me. how can I gain more than taller ?
    Waiting for your advise ………………………

    • Randy Heick says:

      Shoe lifts are one way to gain inches really fast. But grow taller 4 idiots will give you an all natural way to increase your height at any age.

  76. Saman Q says:

    Hi i’m 18 years old boy , i’m currently 174 i’m also an athlete but 4 years ago i was 166 and and i grew 2 cm a year !! does it count as a growth spurt !!! because it was so slow !! nobody even noticed i grew taller !!! is it possible i get to 180 with that book you are saying to other users !!! I should also mention that i have tall relatives !! my cousins are 185 and more !!

  77. kent says:

    hmmm i want to try that cd… pls pls pls… give me some hope to get tall… i really really want to get tall… i am the smallest in my friends … they are almost 6 feet but me i am only 5’4” how sad,….

  78. Rimi says:

    Hi i am rimsha i am 13 and 5’3 or more how much more will i grow and when and which age will i get my growth spurt i am a female thx

  79. sir it is possible for me to grow my height my age is18 my frnds and my teachers are negelacted me for this sitution.

  80. Zindy says:

    Hi doc Randy, I’m 5’3 is it possible that I any get and taller? I’m 14.

    • Randy Heick says:

      Zindy, You are at the peek time to see a growth spurt. Adding the program grow taller 4 idiots along with what I have shared on this site should help gain at least 2-4 inches. If you family is tall, you could a lot more.

  81. JOhnsOn says:

    My height is 5.9 inches. Am 16years old i want to grow a bit taller till 5.11 or 6.. Is there any chances to grow my height without using anykind of external stuff?

    • Randy Heick says:

      What do you mean by external stuff?? Eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly are a few things that are important. Grow taller 4 idiots covers this and a lot more.

  82. Hi Randy,

    i am a 14 year old college student in New Zealand
    my mum is 1.61m and my dad is roughly over 2m i am already 1.8m . Im not the athletic type but will do anything to maintain my height.
    i was wondering when the average female stops growing? Oh and any more additional advice any specific stretches how much physical ed do i have to do is there any other way of increasing my height besides excercise ? Thnx :)

    • Randy Heick says:

      Stretching is very important, yoga is a great way to stretch and elongate the body. Sleep is also very important, get plenty of restful sleep. Eat and vary up your protein intake with different forms protein every day. Grow Taller 4 idiots covers all this and a lot more.

  83. Randell says:

    Hello, I’m 24 years old and only 5’6. was wondering if it is possible to grow to 6′

    • Randy Heick says:

      If you can stick to a program and follow it you may have a chance. 6 inches is a lot, with the grow taller 4 idiots program you will generally see about a 2 to 4 inch increase. So you could see those results.

  84. Piyush says:

    I’m 16 & I’m 5.6 … Is that OK … Hell no!!!! Yeah I know this is toooo short but what can I do ……. Which help fastly

    • Randy Heick says:

      My best advice is do some research and find out what is working for everyone. Grow taller 4 idiots is the best resource I can recommend. It just works, so if you want results and are going to be dedicated, gt4i is your answer.

  85. Malcom says:

    I’m 13 years and 10 months and my parents both 160cm. The height calculator from internet estimated my height will be 172cm. Can I grow taller than that if i worked hard? Besides, my friends are chasing up.

    • Randy Heick says:

      Yes you can gain a few more inches if you work hard and do the right things to help your growth.

      • Malcom says:

        Well then, what can I do?

        • Randy Heick says:

          There are many suggestions on this site. I try to keep limber by stretching every morning and night. Eat healthy foods, lose weight, stay active. If you have a hard time scheduling your time try grow taller 4 idiots, it has all this stuff laid out for you. It will walk you through everything you need.

  86. Malcom says:

    Will building leg muscles effect my height?

  87. max says:

    i am only 12 and i am 5″1 but all of my friends are like 5″9 and they make fun of me what can i do to grow taller so they won’t make fun of me

    • Randy Heick says:

      I was in the same boat when I was your age. You are going to have to wait, at least two years. You will have a growth spurt around 14 and probably out grow most of your friends. Hang in there.

  88. Mubi says:

    Hey Sir.
    My name is Mubi and I’m 11.5 y/o and my Height is 4.9 is that right or not??????????????

  89. Malcom says:

    What can I DO? Its already a year my height is still almost the same.Please help me.Can play soccer daily helps me?or maybe jump rope.

  90. rohit says:

    I started weightlifting and my heigh was stop .iam 15 years old.give me solution please

  91. Sufiyan says:

    Hello Randy,
    I am 23 years old (male) and my height is 164cm. Can i grow any taller? please help me out.

  92. Thomas says:

    Im currentley a 20 year old male standing at 5’9″ and weighing 165 (all muscle for the msot part). My father is 6’1″ and my mother was 5’7.5″. I was always one of the taller kids in my grade throughout elementary school and middle school but never had an official “growth spurt”. In high school I only grew about 1 or 2 inches. I havent grown since Ive been around 16 years old. I blame my height growth slowing down on my poor diet (had a lot of junk food filled with sugar on a consistent basis, and lack of sleep (throughout high school I would only sleep about 4-6 hours on average a night and would listen to music to help me fall asleep). Growing up doctors said I should be around 6’2″ when Im done growing and that the shortest I would be is 5’11”. I know posture is big when it comes to height so to get that out of the way I do actually have nearly perfect posture. With that said do you think I have a chance of growing 3 inches or more so I can finally be in the 6′ range like all the rest of the men in my family and if so how long do you think it would take? Thank you and have a nice day.

    • Randy Heick says:

      The grow taller 4 idiots program can help you get gains of 2-3 inches. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you stick to the program you should get at least a two inch gain.

  93. faith says:

    hey guys I heard of the Grow Taller for Idiot program and tried drinking its shake.. i would just ask how long did you guys grow by one inch,this is for those who tried the program. ??//


  94. Michael says:

    Hello sir,
    i am a nigerian,i am 26yrs and i am interested in this your growth idiot product but i dont know how to get it.pls Dr,i am so much interested in it pls how can i get the product in calabar of nigeria.this my phone number +2348033050091 thank you.

  95. Malcom says:

    Does every stretching exercise help to gain height?

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