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Being taller can mean having a better life. People who are taller tend to have better jobs and more money. Also, they tend to have more friends and find mates more easily. They are viewed as better looking and more intelligent. Also, they are often able to excel in sports due to their longer legs and arms. It is possible to achieve growth and become taller by performing a few simple and easy exercises.
stretching exercise

Hanging for a few minutes a day is one effective exercise that helps people to grow. This allows the spine to stretch. It also decreases the pressure between the spine and vertebrae. Hanging has been known to increase people’s height by one to two inches. This exercise should be done by having your hands close together and palms facing forward. The knees should be bent slightly and back straight. One should hang for 30 seconds five times on a daily basis to do this exercise correctly and benefit from it.

Another grow taller exercise is called the leg kick. It is done by laying on the floor on your stomach. You will straighten both legs and arms. Both legs and arms should be lifted straight into the air while the stomach stays on the floor. The position should be held for 30 seconds for a total of five times.

The pelvic shift is another famous growing taller exercise. It is done by laying on your back with both feet on the floor. The knees should be Pelvic Shiftbent and both arms should be straight and next to your sides. Your palms and feet need to be on the floor(check the picture to your right). You perform the exercise by arching your back and lifting your hips as far as possible off of the floor. The position should be held for 40 seconds for a total of 5 times. This exercise helps to grow by stretching the hips and lower back.

Another exercise that helps to grow people taller is called the cobra. It is done in many athletic routines and regimes. This activity is performed by laying flat on your stomach. The palms of your hands are on the ground and next to and parallel to your shoulders. You press forward and straighten your arms while you keep your hips on the floor, legs straight and your shoulders go straight into the arm. A stretch will be felt on the lower back. This should be done in 5 sets for thirty seconds on a daily basis


62 Responses to “Grow Taller Exercises”

  1. Scott says:

    Is there a certain sport I can do that help me increase my height??

    • Randy says:

      Sports that help you release hgh or growth hormone are the best. Find a sport that you enjoy, but that really pushes you to exert yourself. Running and Swimming are the two I have used. I also play a lot of basketball which combines sprinting at times, but you are always moving.

      thanks for the commment

  2. anil says:

    i wnat to increase my height to 5’11 now am 172 cm. will you please tell me the ways to increase my height in2 months. please please………………………………………and my age is 17 now.

  3. Dhruv Patel says:

    I am working hard in gym, but I still didn’t grow taller. I would like to you give me some advise how can I grow taller? Which food I should not eat? My age is 19.

  4. isabella says:

    okay so i dont really understand the 3rd one little help please and how long do you have to keep doing this for?

    • Randy says:

      Not sure what you are looking for, I state how long and how many on each exercise I have listed.

  5. rohan says:

    heloo sir…..
    my age is 21 n my height is 5’4”. I m working out this exercise for about 3 months…n i hav got only 1\2 inch increase in my height………… i want to know, can i increase my height after 21 or 22??

    • Randy says:

      Have you purchased the program? The exercises are only one part of the grow taller 4 idiots program. You need to combine all the elements together to get the full benefit. And yes you can get a 1 to 2 increase at almost any age.

  6. Ryan says:

    How long should I do each exercise? Like 5 minutes for each exercise or more? I already purchased the book but it doesn’t really say how long you should do your workouts like as in the amount of time such as 8 minutes per exercise or so.

    • Randy Heick says:

      Just do the amount of reps they describe in the program. The amount of time for each exercise is not important. Just use common sense.

  7. gambalad says:

    i just want to ask.
    does masturbating affect growth?
    sorry if the question sound weird.

  8. emily says:

    My age is 24 and im 5’0…can I grow taller…and do I hv to eat n exercise to gain height??? Or just by exercising I can grow taller?? Lol.

  9. Emily says:

    If im 16 and i started my sexual life does it stop you from growing?

  10. Aizaad says:

    Hi. I’m 2 months away from turning 17. My height is 1.65m and definitely not satisfied. I’m the tallest in my family and only slightly taller than my father. Despite knowing that I’m still going through puberty, I’m worried because I have stopped growing taller for about a year or two. I would like to know if it’s still possible for me to continue growing taller. Also, are there any exercises that would help boost my growth or increase my maximum height? Thanks a lot.

  11. Ragini says:

    Hi. I’m 15 yrs old and 5 feet tall I really want to be Atleast 5.5 tall .I’m adopted so I don’t know how tall my actual parents are. People tell me I can’t grow any taller becoz off my genetics . Do you think I stand a chance at growing taller.

  12. Yvette Metrillo says:

    Hi my name is Yvette, 18 and a female. I’m currently 4 foot 9 and I play many sports such as, track, basketball, volleyball, badminton and taekwondo. These sports require a certain height as my coaches have said that I am small but i excel than most but need a few more inches. Please help me. Thank you.

  13. Susan Drake says:

    Hi ,
    i have read your program .. but i was wondering if .. u no any other websites that really works .. i am 12 and i m the eldest in my family .. i stoped growing for a while or a month i guess .. my smaller sister is 2 year smaller than me .. and she is reaching my height … i dont want her to grow .. soo if please if u no other websites please say me
    Thank you
    Susan Drake

    • Randy Heick says:

      Make sure to get plenty of rest and eat right. This is all laid out in an easy to follow program in grow taller 4 idiots. I highly recommend it.

  14. Malcom says:

    Can rope skipping help me grow taller?

  15. Malcom says:

    Does playing soccer, push up and sit up stunt my growth.

  16. Rimsha says:

    Hi randy my name is rimsha and i am 13 and 5’2/5 or maybe 5’3 will i stell grow plz estimate my height plz plz plz and reply plz and how much do u think i can grow

  17. Lisa says:

    Hi how long do you do these stretches for to grow.. Like 1 week or 2

  18. Sreyngim says:

    Which program does help you to gain height?
    Grow taller 4 idiots or Grow taller dynamic? I saw you recommended both.

  19. Sarah says:

    I am only 13 years old and 5’6-5’7. I want to be 5’10. What program worked for you, and what types of foods did you eat.

    Have you been paid to promote their program? Please be honest.

    • Randy Heick says:

      I have used grow taller 4 idiots and still use the program to keep me fit and on track. I do get a commission, but it does not amount to much. I built this site to help others with height issues and give them an option to help them with it. This program is the best out there. I have bought other programs, but in my opinion Grow Taller 4 Idiots gives anyone no matter what your age or sex the best chance to gain 2 to 3 more inches.

      thanks for your comment

  20. Malcom says:

    Does playing football really stunt my growth,because my leg muscle seem to be appeared.

  21. tom says:

    I am 14 and am5 feet 11.5 my growth has slowed down and need to know how to speed it up my dad is 6feet 6 and my mom is 5feet 8

    • Randy Heick says:

      You still have a lot of growing left because of your age. Stay active and make sure to get a lot of protein in your diet. Try to lay off the sugar and HFCS. Get plenty of sleep also, this is the time when your body grows. So give your body at least 8 hours a night to do its work.

  22. kAVIR says:


  23. Malcom says:


  24. Nellie says:

    Hi, I purchased the Grow Taller 4 Idiots but there’s some stuff I don’t get. Sorry if this is annoying and a lot…

    Is it mandatory that I switch the meat up every day? I mean, as long as I get a wide range of protein, does it really matter?

    For the HGH cocktail, I don’t have a blender, so is it ok if I cook it into soup or just cut all the ingredients up into a salad and eat it that way?

    Is it important that I consume food containing the other essential amino acids, or should I just concentrate on the two they emphasized?

    Lastly, can you explain the 2-second quick fix and sunlight trick to me? I think I’m doing the quick fix wrong.

    • Randy Heick says:

      Just try to change up your meat choices. That is fine for making the cocktail. Try to emphasize those amino acids, but get try to consume a wide variety also.

  25. reema says:

    hi im 19 years old …i m female…my height is only 5 foot ..can i grow at least three inches ….will exercing and proper diet help…..plz reply ?

  26. Elwin Von says:

    Does muscle effect growth ?

  27. Yvon says:

    Does dancing increase your height? :) im 18 5’8 and I want to grow taller to 6foot. What excercises should I do? Can you help me? :) it means a lot!

    • Randy Heick says:

      Any exercise that has you doing bursts such as sprints, basketball and football. A lot of short quick bursts taken over and over will help produce hgh which will help with getting taller.

  28. chanderdeep says:

    but how can hgh help if the growth plates are fused already i think only stretching can help cause i m 24 and im 5’6″ how to add further inches

  29. Sarah says:

    Hi Randy! hope u r fine :) I have 2 question to ask u.(i)how can I buy grow taller 4idiots from a country which is not added on its order service? (ii)what is ur height? Thanks in advance.Have a nice day! :)

    • Randy Heick says:

      Hi Sarah, I am 6’1″ and gained 3 inches on the program. Not sure how You could get it in your country. What country I could get it for you and send it via email. The program is in pdf form. Can you pay via paypal?? If you can, contact me via the contact page at the bottom of the page.

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